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Solo Female Traveling

Solo female traveling is one of the most liberating experiences on this planet. You have got no responsibilities to anybody except yourself, you can do whatever you want and u can quit whatever you want to quit and the fizz you get from the sense of freedom is monumental.

It feels good to be lost in right direction

There is some consideration, however, to be considered being female solo travelers especially. Just you have to take some cautions, need some careful planning, and pack up your common sense, then there’s no reason you can’t have just as much fun as the boys.

It is important to make up your mind. Solo travel doesn’t suit everyone. However, you should follow some rules to make your travel safe and delighted.

Dealing With Parents

Parents are overprotective of their daughters. Get them involved in your traveling plan from the initial stage. Take them into confidence.

Keep some phone cards that allow you and your parents to make calls at any situation.

Do not promise your parents to ring the same time each day or week, this is often not possible when you are on the way, and they will worry if they are waiting by your phone


Research before you go, local customs, dress codes, weather, etiquette, etc. Make clear that you know the basics of what to do before step off the home. Try to make better choices and consider the circumstances you ought to face in an area you are going to travel to.

Book In Advance

The most important thing to take with you is common sense. Always book your accommodation to avoid any worse situation. You should always have a backup plan.

Keep the address of your hotel in written form, not somewhere that you need some WiFi connection to access.


Buy a female-friendly bag with an adjustable system. You don’t need masses of beauty products, shoes, or smart outfits. Your fellow travelers won’t be in proper makeup. Take a small and smart pack that makes you feel a bit dressed up (lippy or jewelry, maybe) and save for some special events.

Dress up properly, I mean covering up. This shows respect for local people. Read up before you go to find out what’s acceptable in a particular city or country you are going to visit.

Keep a dummy wallet and a whistle

Dummy wallet is a very important part of solo traveling either for males or females. Dummy wallet is actually a fake wallet that contains some canceled credit cards and a little bit of cash. It’s a good idea to deceive a thief and to make him think that he has got something worthwhile while keeping your real valuables safe.

Another important tool is something that makes some noise. Because you never know how this small tool can help saving you from great danger.

Meeting people

When you set out for solo female traveling, you interact with different sorts of people. Some people would have the same mentality as you have but some would be having an opposing mentality. You should have guts to interact with all of them without messing up and to blend in with a new culture.

As a general rule, local people are friendly, generous and happy to meet visitors. They may invite you at dinner or a nearby wedding even on a first interaction.

Be confident and keep smiling

You are traveling on your own, and it’s as daunting as it is exciting. Adopt a secure and open posture when you go out and explore as much as you can.

You will look approachable to the right people and not an easy target for the wrong people. If you Don’t feel confident then go for this old saying “Fake it until you make it”.

It is rightly said smile can do wonders. Smiling goes a long way, especially if you and locals can’t even speak the same language. Remember, not all locals are in the intention of taking advantage of tourists, and a smile can lead to a friendly encounter and a good conversation.

Backup plan

Make a proper backup plan as early as possible before leaving so that you don’t miss any of your important stuff. Book your tickets on time to avoid any inconvenience. Always keep some money separate in any hidden place or any emergency. Your shoe, socks, bra, and makeup kit puff section could be good hiding places.

Share your experience

Share your experience with your family, friends, and relatives. Make them aware of the comforts, fears, and dangers of the solo female traveling they might face, so that they could have a better journey. You can make them believe that women can do wonders just by sparing some time for themselves.

Solo traveling gives you as much as you put into it. Be smart, confident, and informed. You will find the destination blooms right before you. Be safe use your basic street smarts, be assertive, and keep your valuables close hidden. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Female solo travelers are increasing day by day. You can check the statistics of female solo travelers on travel smart woman

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    Solo travelling is definitely a fun 🙂

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