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An Islamabad school denied entry to a Niqab-Wearing student Farwa Munir

A niqab-wearing UMT engineering student Farwa Munir was reportedly obstructed from entering an MNU event in a school in Islamabad. The student was formally invited by the administration of that particular private school in Islamabad.

Engineering student Farwa Munir was invited to an event by Lahore Grammar School as a guest.
But, when she reached the school gate, they refused to let her enter because of her Niqab (veil). WTH?
Is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

— Syeda Trimzi (@TrimiziiSyeda) November 7, 2018

The details subjected, an engineering student namely Farwa Munir was officially invited to an MNU (Model United Nation) platform by LGS (Lahore Grammar School) Islamabad Branch. This student has attended 7 different MNU as delegate, ACB, and chair. With much experience, the administration of LGS invited her as a chair at the MNU platform, but it was over the edge for this young female Niqab-Student.

After 4 hours of travel from Lahore to Islamabad, the officials of the LGS greeted and brought her to their premises. Farwa Munir in her veil waited for 40 minutes and then the administration of the LGS said “Since the topic is about AIDS which is blunt for the society, we are not dissolving the scenario but are abolishing it” reported by Farwa Munir. The distorted Niqab student was then given a bus fare back to her home town, but before she crosses the humility border, the interior student committee of LGS Islamabad branch told Farwa Munir that the real reason for this act was ‘The Veil’.

She raised her voice to the social media platform which then caught the eyes of the Federal Minister for Humans Right, Shireen Mazari, who in return directed the authority to look into this matter on an urgent basis.

Not only does Farwa Munir up roared about her veil but also demands an apology from the administrations of the LGS Islamabad Branch. She said, “It is not about my publicity but the fact that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic state thus I have my right to wear my Niqaab and hold my human right states.”

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